Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Airborne Snipers

It's Thursday night and Winter break has begun!  Today was busy though.  I had work, Amy took the boys for haircuts then met me at Dave and Busters for my company holiday party.  

Last Thursday, Ariel had a private with coach Serina.  

This spotter mat was great.  
Teaching her how to stretch.  

So this is pretty awful.  When Ariel was done, we stayed and watched Coach Lynde's daughter Fionna's other team practice.  That's her up in the air in front.  We were so impressed watching her.  She does much more crazy stuff than she does with the Indians.  We left before they finished.  We found out later that night that Fionna was dropped and broke her arm!  
Tv as a family.  
Last Friday, I saw some chickens on the way to work.  Pretty random.  
At the supermarket later, I saw a guy leave his cart in between 2 cars and drive away.  What is with some people?  
Ariel had her first choreography practice at Airborne.  They scared the girls beforehand.  Telling them they had to be dressed right, have the right high ponytail and pay attention of the choreographers would just leave!  Ariel was panicked about her hair so we went to Rachel so she could do it.  
Here we go!

Ariel was crying afterwards.  Said they were yelled out a lot.  Dori was crying too.  We heard this type of competitive cheer could be really tough.  
Ariel's new practice tank.  Season Six!
For some reason, my parents bought the twins a ton of nerf bullets.  
This was posted on Facebook.  The Airborne Snipers!  Have a great weekend!


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