Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Last Apple

It's Tuesday night and the Eagles are playing.  The game Sunday was postponed due to Covid.  The Washington Football team didn't have any quarterbacks available to so they got someone from the Patriots practice squad.  He's actually playing well!  The Eagles are up by 3 in the 4th.  

Last Monday, Giulz came to do school with Ariel.  

Later on, Eli did an art project.  
I had one Disney apple left.  
I guess we are just going to have to go back soon!
Yeah, I know, the posts last week were much bigger and much more exciting.  This was a quiet week.  
Still have that Mickey spirit.  
On Tuesday, Dani and Rachel came for cheer.  
It was nice to have Rachel back.  She runs a tight ship.  

Dani's amazingly upbeat personality keeps everyone happy.  
Ariel's stretching is getting great!

Lift time!

Rachel is so strong!
We finished the night with some science experiments.  


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