Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving!  I found Eli in his fort in the morning.
He did some more decorating.  
We watched the Macy's parade in NY and the one in Philly.  Cousin Marc was there in Philly.  

The neighbors came out to play.  

I cooked green beans.  
Our neighbor Jessica came over with her baby.  So cute!
Of course she loved Ariel.  
There's Matthew.  

Ariel started setting up for her birthday party.  
Someone had an exciting weekend coming up!
I also made a smoked sweet potato casserole with a candied bacon and pecan topping.  I couldn't wait to try this out even though I knew not everyone would like it.  
We went to Aunt Judy's for dinner.  
Awww.  Sweet.  

All the kiddos.  

The old men lounging.  
Here comes the food.  Yummy!
I have to say, even though not many ate it, my sweet potato casserole was awesome!
I bet Quinn had some and that's why he was so happy!  We all had a great night eating and catching up.


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