Thursday, January 12, 2023

Aden is Back!

It's Thursday night and here's a huge post to catch us up.  

Last Tuesday, Aden did some more outdoor adventures.  

They climbed.  

That's the Sea of Galilee behind them.

Climbing down.  
A pit stop on the way.  

This is the town where the Torah scrolls are written.  

They marked the places they visited in Isreal.  
They had a chance to go shopping and Aden wanted to get earrings for Amy.  He texted me pictures so I could help him choose.  

This was their last dinner before heading for the airport.  
They took off at 11 pm their time.  He felt a little sick before he got on the plane so I was worried about him and couldn't sleep.  That was a long 12 hours watching his plan inch across the map.  
Ariel got to hang with Rachel and Dani that night.  They went to Ulta and Lulu.  
We were back to piano and guitar.  Pat had been sick and not over for a while.  

We made Aden a pudding pie late that night.  
At 10 pm our time, he was over Europe.  
He landed at 4am in Newark and called.  

Last Wednesday, I went over to the synagogue to get him around 6:30.  
Here they come!
Turns out I shouldn't have been so worried.  He slept almost the whole flight.  

Early morning hugs.  We did make him go to school.  He was 7 hours ahead so wide awake!
The twins stayed after school to get some help with their science fair project.  
Tessa was over.  

Thursday night, Ariel had cheer.

Working on her tuck.

Last Friday was quiet.  We did some art.  
Then we all watched Top Gun Maverick.  Have a great weekend!


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