Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Nice Slippers

It's Tuesday night.  We had the science fair at school.  The twins and Ariel did a great job with their projects.  Back to last Monday.

Ariel had a team practice.  

They are working on the opening of their routine.  

I love to see Ariel flying.  

Faith is the main flyer. 
Not sure I love her skirt.  She sure does.  
Last Tuesday, an attempt was made to fix my smoker.  It was partially successful.  
Piano and guitar.  Noah just loves to talk music theory.  
Eli and Heather made a fort in the basement.  

Harper came over after Hebrew school.  We had Chinese of course.  

Big brother likes to tease little sister.  

Let's catch popcorn!
Posing in my new slippers.  

They are cute together.  


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