Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Western Wall

It's Thursday night.  Normally, I would finish the week before but this time I'm not.  I just don't feel like doing a double day post today.  They are so long.  So here is last Thursday.  We will worry about Friday next week!  I took the twins out to lunch at the mall.  
Then we went to Dave & Busters.  
It was pretty quiet there so they ran around trying everything.  

Of course they had to use all their tickets.  
Fun stuff!
Then I took Ariel to her new favorite store, Ulta.  
Don't know why she needs so much product.

Cheer private.
Back to Israel.  They were in Jerusalem.

Cool dudes.

In front of the Western Wall.  Aden left a wish there.  

Aden took these next two pics. 

They did a little shopping.  
Then they did some more bonding exercises.  

Then they cooked their own dinner!

Aden actually liked it!  Have a great weekend!


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