Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Science Project

It's Sunday night and we have been watching football pretty much all day.  We now know the Eagles will play the Giants next week.  Other than that it was a pretty quiet weekend.  

Last Saturday, Ariel had cheer practice. I dropped her off and went to Costco.  I bought lots of meat to make Shawarma for Aden.  
I caught the end of practice.  

When we got home, Rose was over.  She and the twins are doing a project for the science fair.  
We worked hard on the project.  
The idea they came up with at school was too hard.  We had to simplify it.  

Some 3d printing for fun.  
That night, Amy and I went to see Avatar 2 in Dolby Cinema.  
It was amazing.  You know it's all fake and computer generated but never once did we not believe it wasn't all real!


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