Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Meeting Dixie

A week ago Sunday was the first day of 2023.  Honey came to visit.  
We made a nice breakfast.  
Then played with Honey.  
Statue of Liberty on the 3d printer.  

I took Ariel and the boys out for an adventure.  We went to get pizza first and the first 5 pizza places we went to were closed!  Noah kept crying!  We finally saw one that was open in New Hope but parking was not easy.  We did luck out though.  
We did have to walk a few blocks.  
After pizza, we had candy.  
Then waffles.  

Then we stopped and Julia's house to meet the new puppy Dixie.  
So cute!

Margot was great with the boys.  
Ariel tried to walk out with her.  

Back to Israel.  It was a sad day.  The Holocaust Memorial and a graveyard.  

The Holocaust Memorial is very sad but the architecture is amazing.

They did a project to sum up their feelings.  

Aden's piece of Israel.  
So nice!


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