Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Lonely Storybook Land

It's Tuesday night.  Aden is on the plane home!  We can't wait to hear all about his fabulous trip.  He gets in at 4:30 Wednesday morning.  

Last Tuesday, Amy and Noah were feeling sick and Ariel and Eli were feeling better so I took them to the shore for a couple of days.  We went to the house, unpacked, then headed to Storybook Land.  It was weird. We went last year for the light show and there were timed tickets which were almost impossible to get.  It was so packed.  This year, not so much.  
We were the only ones there when it opened.  I wonder why.  
It was a bit chilly.  
We had the place to ourselves.  
Eli went right to the Tick Top Drop.  He's overcome his fear.  

So quiet.
Neither kid was very excited.  
Maybe we've had enough of this place.  
The water was frozen.  The poor ducks had to walk on top.

Ariel wanted to drive.
Eli did not go on the coaster.  
The light and music show.  

Ok, it's dark and cold.  Time to leave.  
We had our favorite pizza for a late night snack.  

Aden update.  Heading to the South.  

Some serious climbing.  

They made it.  

The fearless leaders.  
This is Aden's picture.  He sent a few during the trip.  

Then they did a ropes course.  

Aden liked doing this stuff.  


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