Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tim and Amanda

It's Thursday night.  Last Friday, I went to the gym and noticed the Eagles and Giants signs right next to each other.  A little preview for the big game.  
At 3:30, yes 3:30, Amy and I and my parents went to a wedding for a coworker.  Who makes a wedding at 3:30 on a Friday?  Huge wedding party!

You may kiss the bride.  
Cocktail hour was crowded.  

Then we went to the room.  This was at a winery right near our house.  There were 4 long tables to holdover 200 people!  We were going to be squeezed in.  

The mother and father of the groom.  
The new Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pierson.  
First dance.  
Amy and I were stylin'.

They did the speeches.  
Took some pics.  

Mother son dance.  
It was a fun crowd and we danced a lot.  
The bride and groom were great dancers.  

My parents had fun too!

Up on the shoulders.  

We were there until 10.  


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