Monday, January 9, 2023

Happy New Year!!!

It's Monday night.  Looks like Georgia is going to be the National Champs.  

A week ago Saturday was New Years Eve.  We spent the day cleaning the house and cooking.  Bellamy came to spend the night.  

Todd and Ali and the boys came for dinner and to hang.  
The smoker is still broken so I made the old faithful chicken cutlets and Greek green beans.  
Lots of desserts.  
And drinks.  Lol.  
New Year's Rockin' Eve is so boring.  
Bev stopped by.  We had fun chatting.  
The kids went a little crazy.  
Another year in the books!  Here comes 2023!
Ali and Todd left around 11.  
Then we watched the countdown.  

The boys stayed up.  
The neighbors across the street set off some major fireworks.  
Meanwhile, in Israel...

Happy New Year!!!


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