Sunday, January 1, 2023

They Made It to Israel

It's late Sunday night and I just organized my pictures for the week and wow do I have a lot to share.  I'm going to mostly go through our day first then show Aden's day in Israel!  

Last Saturday, it was cooooold when we got up.  
Look at Disney!
Boca is where we would normally be this time of year.  No relief there.
We woke up also to an elf mess.  They cooked brownies for Aden and made him some going away signs.  

Eli slept in really late. (foreshadowing)
I took Aden to the synagogue to drop him off.  This is his first time away from home!  I think we were all nervous.  

25 8th, 9th and 10th graders from synagogue along with the rabbi and a teacher were off on an epic adventure.  
They were taking the bus to Newark Airport for a flight later that afternoon.  
Have a blast!
I took the boys to Altitude.  
Noah was excited.  
Eli not so much.  

Noah made a friend.  

Ariel was just getting over a bad cold and Eli was the next to get it.  That explains why he was out of it at Altitude.  
They are at the airport ready to go!
We watched his 10 hour flight until we fell asleep.  
Oh yeah, we also watched Santa!
Last Sunday morning, 7 hours ahead of us, Aden took these pictures landing in Tel Aviv.  
His first views of Israel.  
They made it!  
We got up and made waffles and bacon.  
Ariel painted.  We got some Margate paint by numbers.  
Poor Eli was sick.  
Great rocket Noah!
This was takeout at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  The place was packed!
Silly times before bed.  
Back to Aden's day.  The Rabbi's synopsis.  
The teacher's.  
They crushed olives.  

Push Aden!

They planted trees.  

They hiked.  

Driving into Tel Aviv, it was pouring!

They lit candles for the last night of Hanukkah.  


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