Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time to Start Planning for the Twins

It's Sunday Dec 27th.  How did that happen?  We are about a third of the way into the kids Winter break.  It's been much too quiet.  It seems like everyone on Facebook has palm trees behind them.  It's been warm here but that's about to end.  Today was the first day in about 5 that I took any pictures.  I had to force us to get out and do some fun things.  We will get to those when I catch up.  Back to last weekend.  

Ariel was ready to party.
After she got her nails done.  
It was Nate's first birthday party!  The twins are next!  6 weeks!
He didn't start feeding the dog until he had been eating for an hour.  This kid can really pack it away.
Here are some random pics from the party.

Lovely ladies.

The kids sort of figured out the walkie talkies.
Back to the robot.

Back to eat some more.
Driving around the beautiful new basement.

Lounging on the super comfortable sofa.
Cake time.

They gave Nate like 1/4 of the cake and he dug right in.

A little dancing with Liz before we go.

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