Thursday, December 17, 2015

We Are Getting Out Again!

It's Thursday night.  I don't know why I always say that.  I'm sure you guys don't really care when I'm typing this.  Aden got in big trouble in school today!  Amy got a call from his teacher and the principal.  Turns out he and a couple of other boys were writing notes and throwing them at a girl in the class.  He knows he was wrong and feels bad, which is good, but I think the school overreacted.  

Here are some more from last week.  I'm going to skip Eva's birthday party till next week.  Too many pictures to organize.  This was crazy hat day at school.
We went to the wedding of Amy's old neighbor.  Our table name was Amy's old street.
The happy couple Heather and Sam.
My parents watched all four kids that night and did a great job.  It was fun to get dressed up and be adults for a night!  
Amy looks just like her mom.  Pretty girls.
We had fun dancing and socializing.  Heather has great friends and family.
The beautiful bride.

We should have stayed all night!
Ariel playing with Ariella from across the street.

Amy and I, with Melissa, went to our first movie in a theater in probably 2 years!  We saw the latest Rocky movie Creed and loved it!  It was great!
Hanukkah brunch at my parents.

Lots of latkes.

Feeding station.  

Present time.  First we had to sort.  There were so many.

 The kids were worn out from all those presents
Have a great weekend!

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