Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Aruba

It's Thursday night already.  Let's finish off last Thursday and get to Friday.  When we left off yesterday, we had a flamingo encounter on the private island. We then hit the beach.
The kids were a little tentative about the ocean at first but by the end of the trip were just running in.

 We took a walk around.
 Then back to the water.
 Aden made a friend.  Jacob from Chicago.  They talked for a long time.  
 Ariel played with Jacob's sister Ashely.
 The lizards liked to join us for lunch.
Nothing like eating on the beach and having a few frozen cocktails.
 Taking the boat back.

 Ariel made friends everywhere.
 Aden liked my drink better than the virgin ones.  I gave him a few sips.
 Ariel and Olivia from Brooklyn swam together for a while.
 The pool was redone since the last time we were here.  
 It was fun.
 Olivia's dad.  
 Let's go up to get dressed.
 This is the lobby of the other building where my parents were.
 Their pool was much more sophisticated!
 Glad she got to wear some of her summer outfits again.
 A nice shot at dinner.
 We walked around the town a little.
 I had to get Aden away from the bar.
 Ariel made friends everywhere.
 Should we be happy or worried?
 Time for bed.
Friday morning, I checked us out on the map.  Pretty cool.  Verizon Wireless had a pretty great deal.  For $10 a day, you get to use your phone as if you were home.
Our friends Kevin and Katie with Knox and Kash from Chicago came in the night before and joined us for breakfast.  You might remember they came to visit us at the shore this summer. 
 Ariel remembered the boys names.

 The cruise ships parked nearby.
 More pool fun.  The kids loved jumping off the islands.

 We wish they lived closer.  Such a fun family.
 We kept finding the kids at the bar.  Is that a bad sign?
 Bubbie joined Aden.
 Cuddling with my girlie.
 Lunchtime brings out the lizards again.  Mostly iguanas.

 Grandpop and Aden took a dip in the ocean.
 Then we headed back to the boat to go to the island.
 A large group of iguanas hang out in that area.
 Gumby and Pokey were hanging with the iguanas.  
 Yes, we thought it was weird too.  Turns out it was a couple whose kids call them Gumby and Pokey.  So they take the dolls everywhere they travel to and take funny pictures.
 Back on the boat.
 It was late so it was only a quick trip.

 Aden getting pretty far out.
 Katie bonded with Ariel.

 Half a family shot.
 We had dinner together that night.
With the kids going to bed by 9 we didn't get to go out late.  Oh well.

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