Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Those Crazy Elves

It's Wednesday night.  Nothing new to report.  Still haven't taken the twins 10th month pictures.  I tried on the 12th but wasn't successful and haven't had a chance since.  Looking for a sitter for New Years Eve.  Anyone know anyone?

Last week, the synagogue had Hanukkah celebrations every night.  We went one of the nights.  They had a dj dance party with pizza.

 It was a nice turnout.  The kids went crazy.

 Crazy girl.

 This was Aden's dance performance for the parents.  I stayed home with the babies so I counted on Amy for the videos.

They had a nice spread for everyone.
 This is what the Hanukkah Elves were up to this year.  They drew Minions on bananas.
Piled up toilet paper.

 Photocopied themselves.

 Snow Angels out of candy.

 Aden's Elf took selfies on Aden's iPad and made one the wallpaper!
 Hop Scotch.
 They made brownies for the kids but left a mess for mommy and daddy.

 This one was fun when we turned the fan on.

Playing Candy Land.
 Lots of candles.

 This one took some work, thankfully Amy helped me and the elves.

 Thankfully the elves are asleep for another year!

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