Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Week Past 10 Months

It's Tuesday night.  All the kids are asleep except Aden who is helping us get together his teacher's presents.  Amy and Aden are having a discussion about which superhero they would call if they needed help.  Amy likes Captain America, who doesn't have a girlfriend, and Spiderman who lost his.  You can see where her mind is.  I think Aden would go for the Hulk.  Today is Eva's 2nd birthday.  That went fast.  It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital all night waiting for her to make her appearance.  Poor thing has a bad cold so we are going to celebrate tomorrow.  

Here are some shots from the 10 month photo shoot, which was about a week after the actual day.  It was way too hard to get Noah to sit still so I only got a few.  Eli just smiles.

 This is how Ariel dressed herself the other day.

 When I got her at the end of the day, her skirt was still on.
 Ready for dinner.  Eli eats a little and Noah does not eat.  
 I think those are daddy's glasses.
 Ariel made herself breakfast.  At least it was symmetrical.  
 Some fun in the crib.

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