Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

It's late Tuesday night and I want to go to bed.  Last night was awful.  Eli didn't stop screaming till like 3am.  We had no idea why or what to do.  He slept most of today and was totally back to himself when he was up so I guess whatever it was passed and we will never know.  So I'm going to be quick.

Thanksgiving morning we watched the parades.  Mostly Macy's in New York, Amy loves the broadway numbers, but some of  the Philly parade.
Then we met my cousins at the playground at Holland.
 I had lots of hands to help feed the babies!
 This is the kindergarten playground.

 Lucas was great with the babies.

Video chatting with more cousins in Los Angeles.

Patty Cake.

That afternoon, I almost burned the kitchen down trying to cook my three vegetables I took to Judy's house.  There were a few mishaps but I made some mean brussel sprouts (2 different ways) and Greek green beans.  Judy and Steve very graciously hosted my family as well as Amy's.

 The babies got passed around all night.

  Aden got in some reps.
 Ariel chased around Brianna and Eva chased Ariel!
 Puppy Brody.

 The food was great.

 It was great having Justin around.

 Happy Birthday Alex!

 My big man.
Ariel got tired and was done!  Thanks for a great dinner!

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