Monday, December 14, 2015

Bye Aruba

It's Monday night.  Time to finish off Aruba!  Back to last Saturday.  We had some time before the party we were going to so we wandered around the town.  
 Ariel couldn't resist getting up on stage.

 This is the main street.  The last time I was here, there weren't tracks in the road.  I wonder that they are for.

 Got the kids some fresh popcorn.
 We mingled with the locals.
 That's what the tracks are for!
 Then it was time to meet everyone to head to the party.
 Ariel found all her friends.

 A picture for mommy.
 We took boats to the island.
 Party time!
 Such a beautiful setting.
 Lots of yummy food.
 The band was great.
 Kevin and Katie.
 There was a point where no one was dancing.  Ariel went around and dragged people to the dance floor.
 Dancing with grandmom.

 Cuddling with Katie and Kash.
 Searching for hermit crabs.
 Such a fun time!
 Sunday morning we got up early and packed.
 We got to see Amy's parents leaving on a day long excusrsion on a jeep!

 One last breakfast with Knox and Kash.
 We had a few hours before the flight so we headed back the island.
 Woo Hoo!
 We will be out there soon!
 This is pretty much everyday in Aruba.
 The kids got to play.

 The birds liked drinking the pina coladas.  I wonder if they were buzzed?
 Sorry baby, we need to leave.
 One last drink and it's time to head out.
 One more selfie on the way back to the hotel.
 All packed and ready to go.  Bye for now Aruba.
 The airport was quite an experience.  We had to go through Aruban customs and US customs.  
 That's Ariel's friend Olivia being carried in front of us.  My girl is so friendly she knew people at the airport.
 There's the island from the plane.  We had the opposite view all week.
 The kids did great.  Aden and I watched Minions and I kept Ariel busy with the iPad and coloring.  It was a fun adventure for the kids and I.  Now back to reality!

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