Monday, December 14, 2015


It's way too late Sunday night.  I just finished helping the elves with their big send off.  They have a year to come up with new ways to surprise and delight the kids.  I will post the pics from the whole week soon.  It was a busy weekend.  We had a wedding, Eva's birthday party, Hanukkah and a fun visit.  Back to Aruba.  This was last Saturday.  

I wanted to have an adventure with the kids.  Aruba is a very friendly island so it's pretty safe to explore.  
 We took a taxi to an animal sanctuary.  

 This is what the local houses looked like.
 We made it.  
 The animals that are there.
 It was in the desert and very hot.
 They gave us a bag of carrots to feed everyone.

 A nice playground in the middle.  Looked like ours.

 Big bull.  He didn't like carrots.
 The goats went nuts.

 They told us to watch out for the camels.  They will try and take the whole bag of carrots.  Well, they tried to take the whole bag of carrots.

 Some views of the surrounding area.  Lots of cacti.

 Nice horsey.
 Baby coconut.
 We had a very nice time.  It's nice to be so close to animals.
 Being silly waiting for the taxi.  I brought blow up booster seats.

 I thought this was funny.  
 When we got back, we changed and got the boat to head to the private island.  The island is very close to the airport.  When a plane is landing, the boat will stop so we can be right under it.
 Right into the ocean, which Ariel insists on calling the pool.

 Playing catch with Knox.

 The lizards are very friendly.

 The flamingoes are a bit more aggressive.  
 She really wanted to feed them.
 But then got scared.
 I thought they were cute though.
 A pelican skimming the surface.
 Ok, we have a party to get ready for...

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