Sunday, June 4, 2017

$7 Milkshake

It's Sunday night an we just got back from Ariel's first dance recital!  Ariel had so much fun.  She smiled the whole night.  That makes it all worth it!  I will have pics and videos later.  Other than that, it was a non shore weekend but we kept pretty busy at home.  Speaking of the shore, these pictures are from last Sunday.

Non of the kids slept the first night.  Saturday night we had trouble getting the kids to sleep, but once they were asleep, they stayed asleep.  Next year you will be in those beds guys.  
 It's still fun to chill in mommy and daddy's bed.
 This is what happens when the boys are on the porch by themselves...
 All their toys end up on the ground.  People walking by would throw them back up.  
 Let's get dressed and get out!
 We made our way to the playground.  It was not as nice out.
 The kids went right up to the big slide.

 There was no hesitation!

 Alex and Andrew joined us.

 Back to the house to rest.  It was a lazy day.
 We went to my parent's house for a barbecue.  Why can't the summer be longer?
 Aden and my dad built a working robot arm!
 What's up boys?

 The kids went across the street to play.

Sydney and Ariel were great with the babies.

 It was raining but the kids didn't care.

 Aden was playing different sports with Sydney's brother but it got too physical.  They both got a little hurt.

 We saw bunnies everywhere on the way home.  
 I really tried to get a group shot.  Some day.
 Once the babies were asleep, I ran out to get us milkshakes at a very crowded Dairy Bar.  Man those things were expensive.
 Nothing like a milkshake before bed.

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