Monday, June 5, 2017

Ariel is 5 1/2!

I guess Mark is rubbing off on Aden.  It's really late Monday night and Aden is watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and is rooting for the Penguins.  I didn't even know they were still playing hockey. Ariel finished off her gymnastics class tonight.  Now it's just all camp to look forward to.  We had some excitement around here today.  There was a black bear spotted right near my parent's house and a prisoner escaped his transport.  Some of the schools around here were closed I guess to keep the kids indoors but not Aden's school.  We even let Aden walk.  Aden asked what he should do if he sees the bear.  Amy told him not to run just to stand still.  I'm not so sure about that.

Let's finish off the shore.  This was Memorial Day morning.  Chillin' with my little man in bed.
Still working on all the bedrooms.  Aden and Ariel finally have their own bedding.  Their carpet is on the way.  I also promised them a cool bean bag chair.
 Breakfast time.  Daddy cooked some yummy pancakes!

 Our room is coming together.  We need some lamps and a bench and maybe some chairs.  
 The boys help me set up the tv.

 We decided to get pack up to leave and get lunch on the way home.  The weather was not great.

It was Ariel's 1/2 year birthday and all she wanted were Junior's Doughnuts.  So of course I got a few.
 Bocca for lunch.
 Ariel shared her doughnuts.
 Finally back home.  The twins were excited to see Aden's friends.

 More wrestling.

The baseball season was winding down.

 A few action shots.

 He walked every time and scored a few runs.  That's successful for him!

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