Wednesday, June 7, 2017


It's trash night.  We had a nice visit with my grandmother.  I am like super itchy.  My allergies are finally catching up with me.  

More from last week.  

 We had a nice visit from Arizona.  We hadn't seen Kathy in years.  

 Eli loves anything that has to do with water.  He can't pass a puddle without jumping in.

 My big boys!

 Raiding Aden's Legos.
 Outside with the neighbors.

 I love seeing the babies playing with the big kids.
 Muffin time.
 We went to synagogue for a barbecue.  
 There were a ton of people there and we barely knew anyone!  Where did these people come from?
 The kids only wanted to play in the sanctuary.
 Not the best idea.
 Ariel practicing for her Bat Mitzvah.

 Everyone loves Rita's water ice.


Good night!

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