Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Baby Emery

It's Wednesday night.  Last Wednesday we had Emery's baby naming.  Justin and Katie flew in with their brand new baby so we could all meet her!  She's only about 6 weeks old!  This was my first glimpse of her.
 Judy's rabbi friend ran a beautiful service.
 Are you ready for yours Gwen?
 Gwen, meet Emery.
 They are the big cousins now!
 Almost got the shot.

 The cake was beautiful.

 And yummy!

 Friday we headed to the shore.  Here's the neighbor.  

 Debi came over with Moose the 4 pound dog.
 Checking out the new grill.

 We stopped by Judy's to play.
 Back at our place the boys got into trouble as usual.  

 Debi and Moose came back, this time with Jordyn.  
 A little tv time later in the day.  Ariel likes the new day bed.  
 Some snuggles with us before bed!

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