Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Successful Beach Day

It's Thursday night.  It took a while to get the kids to bed.  I worked out this afternoon and I'm sore.  Looking forward to going to sleep myself.  Back to last Saturday.

As Melissa would say, here goes Wonderman pushing the Wonder Wheel.  It's been about 10 years now of me pushing a giant, overfilled cart to the beach.  I guess this counts for my workout.  
I got a new contraption to keep the umbrella from blowing away.  It's like a tent that you fill with sand.  We will see if it works!
We had a big crowd.
Uncle Steve got to hold Gwen.
Melissa and her two baby girls.
Gwen's first time touching the ocean.
Ice cream man!  Everyone is waiting so patiently.  Decisions decisions.  
This will be a common scene over the summer.
Time to play by the freezing water.

Bathing beauties!

I think Ariel's suit might be a bit too big!

We weren't sure how the twins would do.  Noah was right out on the sand digging.

And walking around.  
Where's Eli?  Standing on the blanket screaming!

Ah, that shovel looks cool.  Maybe I will venture off the blanket...

They didn't run away, just stayed near us digging!  Perfect!
Working on their tans.
A little post beach snack.
Then we met Jason and Rachel at the Greenhouse for dinner.  
Noah and baby Eden ran around the whole place.  
Weirdly Eli just sat nicely in his chair.
Picture time!
Now they are all on the loose.

Dairy Bar!

Ariel spent the night with Eva.  They pre-gamed at Tomatoes then headed to the Borgata for some dancing!
I sent this to my trainer.  Going to the shore is not such a vacation! Have a great weekend!

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