Thursday, June 29, 2017

Big TV

 It's Thursday night.  It's warm out and the AC is cranking.  We had an attic fan installed today.  I thought that would really help but I'm not sure it is.  How are we done a week of camp already?  The kids tell us so much about their day.  They don't do that with school!

Back to last Saturday.  The kids were up way too early.
 We made some pancakes.
 The twins wanted to help.

 The chocolate chips are the best part.
 They don't normally have a morning nap anymore but they were tired.  So we put them in.  They wrestled!
 Go to sleep boys!
 Hanging the tv!
 It's bigger than Ariel!
 Over to the pool.

 Baby Emery joined us.  

 I wanna go swimming!

 Have a great weekend!

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