Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

I must love you people.  Even though it's around 1 am Sunday night, I am giving you a huge post.  I just got back from the Grateful Dead concert.  That was fun!  I'm a but wired so here we go:  

I left you last Saturday morning, we saw Adam and Brianna.  Then we headed to the pool.  

 But then it started pouring!
 They hung out under the umbrella.
 Post rain mist.  
 It was over fast and the sun came out so the neighbors joined us in the pool.  
We are ready too!

Noah is becoming quite the daredevil
Taking after his big brother.
Ice cream time.

 Saturday night Clarisse was awesome enough to babysit.  Amy and I got out for a nice dinner.  Sunday morning was Father's Day!  The kids had a beautiful gift for me.
 A monogrammed box to hold all my pocket stuff at the shore.
 Where is daddy?

Where are you going Eli?
 Oh, with daddy to get his Father's Day doughnut!
 We had a brunch at our house.  
 It was the most people we had at once!
 My handsome little man.
 The outdoor furniture got some use.

 These were the best out of about 20 shots!

 Ariel finally started smiling when everyone else gave up!

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