Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our Doll Ariel

It's way too late Monday night.  We had Ariel's pre-school graduation tonight.  It was very cute.  I will miss a lot of the parents and the kids.  I guess we will meet all new ones when the twins start in the Fall.  

Last week there was a bear on the loose right near us and an escaped prisoner.  They closed schools because of the prisoner but my kids were way more worried about the bear.  (they caught both)
 Early morning bubbles.
 Chatting with Ashely at shore.

 Christian was chillin' at music class.
 Someone was all smiles.
 Let's get some buckets!

 Huggie Monster!

 Aden threw all the toys out of the room, of course.

  That night Ariel had her last gymnastics class.  She got a nice ribbon.
 Ariel play some board games with the sitter.
 Ice cream plase!

 Drawing time.

 Can you spot the real girl?

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