Sunday, June 18, 2017

Boys And Their Floaties

I'm posting this from my phone so it may seem a bit off. Last Sunday the boys got up early. 
Ariel slept over Amy's parents house and was a great help with Eva and Gwen. Mel sent us this picture. 
Uh oh. 
Breakfast at Hannah G's with Jason and Rachel. We got to see them twice which was a nice treat!

Pool day. 
Hey Gwen!

Aden is like James Bond!

We had the boys in double floats.

Pretty girls!

Uncle Mark likes to throw Aden.
Sweet moment.

Ice cream time.

Nice and cuddly unicorn.

Happy Gwen!
Judy stopped by and the boys played with her.
Matching for the first time ever!
Arts and crafts.
We plop them in front of the tv so we can get ready to leave. 

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