Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crazy Clouds

So we just got an email that our new rabbi is leaving!  That didn't last long.  Let's all lobby for our buddy Larry to get the job.  The weather still sucks but it looks like the 90s are coming as soon as this weekend!  The twins are so wild.  They are even hurting each other!  They bite and push.  Amy actually called the doctor to get advice for the biting.  It's really bad.  They are even breaking skin. We ned these terrible 2's to move a little faster!

These are from last week.  The boys love their new basketball net.

 Ariel and her babies.

 The new Dairy Queen in Richboro opened so we had to check it out!
 Nice sharing Ariel.
 Eli took my Blizzard.

 And Noah got Ariel's cone.

 Yes, they left a trail through the whole place.  Eli kept saying uh oh!  Yes, I cleaned it up.
 Outside with the neighbors.

 Crazy clouds!

 Yummy muffins!
 Baseball.  Were they really going to finish this season with only 1 win?

My dad and Amy's parents came to watch.

 Ariel had practice for her recital.

Amy took her and these pics.

 Up on stage finally!
 After her number was done, Ariel wouldn't leave Amanda and Maddie.
Our evening help is what's getting us by!

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