Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Alone at the NAC Pool

It's Wednesday night.  I just had a huge dinner and I feel bloated.  It was at a great steakhouse and I barely made it to the steak.  Aden finished it when I got home.  Speaking of Aden, last Tuesday, he went with the CIT's to Hershey Park.  
He sent these pics.
He had a great time and ate a lot of chocolate.  
An Ariel letter.  
Mickey was hitting people so he had to go to time out.  
I took the boys to the NAC pool with Dani and Rachel.  They were doing karaoke at the adult side.  Eli went up to request a song.  
We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  I had never seen it so empty.  

We went to the playground.  The boys spun the girls.
And vice versa.  

THen we played gaga.  Dani is so competitive!

Silly as always.  

Bedtime.  Noah got Rachel.  
Dani got Eli.  
Last Wednesday, we got some Ariel pics.  

After the gym, I sat at the pool for a few minutes.  I had never sat on the adult side before.  
That night we played roller hockey!
I did pretty well considering.
I was so sore that night!
There was a guy flying around us!


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