Thursday, August 4, 2022

Aden the General

It's Thursday night.  We are waiting for thunderstorms and Eli to make an appearance in our room.  I was in Philly today for a class.  It was nice to be there.  Back to last Thursday.  

Color Games broke at camp.  

Aden is a general!  We knew about it for a few days but he was surprised.  We knew he would be a little nervous about having to help run color games but it's a week later now that I'm writing this and I will say he did amazing!
The kids were dressed up for carnival week.  Noah the astronaut.  
Eli skeleton Mickey.  
Crazy sky that day.
There's our general.  I know the hat doesn't fit but it's tradition.  

People who have worn it over the years.  
Eli did his speech therapy outside.  
She really knows how to engage him.  
I took Aden to the Willow Grove Mall to find him sneakers.  We were successful.  
Aden not helping at all at night.  

This popped up on Facebook that night.  This is really close to where we live!
Friday morning, we got some Ariel pics.  

I think this was karaoke.  
Tell it to the hand.  

Our big girl!
Somehow the balloon got into the fan and went around and around.  
We drove to the shore late.  I took Aden to see our cousins who were in from LA.  I then dropped him off and got some ice cream.  
Chris the owner was giving treats to the dogs.  
Ariel's bunk lead Friday night services that night.  

Have a great weekend!


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