Friday, August 26, 2022

Ocean City Water Park

Last Thursday, we got another visit from Honey.  
Some early morning Uno while the moms sleep. 
We took a walk to the Margate Farmers Market.  

Yummy leamononade.

We got some great goodies.  
Then it was back to the beach.  We met new friends there.  

Eli spent most of the day staring at the waves.  
I took a walk with Ariel and Eva to find shells.  
We had a big crowd!

Back to the pool.

My dad got to show off the legos.  
We had burgers from the Dairy Bar for dinner, then we headed to the playground.  

Then to the Dairy Bar.  
Being silly at night.  
Last Friday morning, Amy and Ali went for a long walk and I took the boys to the playground.  

This little girl loved the boys and Huggy.  
Back for breakfast. 
Then we met other friends at mini golf.  

It wasn't crowded so we got through it pretty quickly.  
After this, Ali went home.  
Amy and I took the kids to the Ocean City water park.
Eli had been begging to go all summer.  
First they played in the kids area.  

You can see Aden and Ariel on the steps to a big slide.  
Eli on the little slide.

The battery ran out on my underwater camera so I missed pics of all of us on the big slides.  The twins did them but didn't like how violent the end of the slides was.  
We did not stay on the boardwalk long.  

That night we went to dinner for Amy's mom's birthday at Touch of Italy.  
We all had a great time.  

Happy Birthday Clar!
Ariel slept over Amy's parent's house that night.  She facetimed to say good night.  Have a great weekend!


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