Sunday, August 21, 2022

Cousin Day

It's late Sunday night.  We are back from 9 days at the shore.  It feels weird to be home.  The car picked up a nail on the way.  We barely made it home.  Now the tire is flat.  Oh well.  Back to last Saturday, which was exactly 7 weeks since Ariel had left for camp!  7 weeks!  We got some pics from camp that morning.  These must have been from Friday night.  

Now that's a meal!
The kids got up early and were crazy right away.  
We chilled on the deck for a bit.  

Then we all went to the playground.

They are so cute together!
This little girl took Honey for a walk!
Or Honey took her for a walk.  
Then we headed to the beach.  Mark pushed the cart!  I got a break!
Eli spent the whole time staring at the ocean.  
He did this a few more times that week.  

Steven has the best toys.  
Mark took all the kids to the pool!

Quin came to visit!  He's talking!
More craziness at night.  
They made a pulley system.  

Probably Ariel's Friday night service.  


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