Tuesday, August 23, 2022

First Indian's Practice

It's Tuesday night.  I played 2 hours of roller hockey tonight.  I am tired and sore!  Here's a big post.  Last Monday, we were woken up by someone big and fuzzy.  

Then she woke the girls up.  
I went for a run.  
Wake up Amy!
I drove Ariel home to go to cheer practice.  She had missed the first two weeks already and she really couldn't miss any more.  We stopped home for dinner and Heather came by to see Ariel.  
Ariel checked out the fort.  

Then we went to Ariel's first Indian's practice for the season.  She got some big hugs.  

The girls went for a run.  

They got right into their new routine.  

Ariel showed everyone her back handspring.  

When we got home, Rachel came by to see Ariel.  

On Tuesday morning, Ariel and I drove back to the shore.  Then we all went out to breakfast.  
Then the Ventnor playground.  
The kids are over this place.  

Cool clouds.  
Back to my parent's house.  Noah went right to his Legos.  
Cool stuff.  
Snorkling.  My dad actually bought fish for them to look at.  
Matching robes.  
I took the boys to the point in Longport.  
Got some pretty pics.  

Crazy clouds!

Eli could have stared at those waves all day.  
That night we took the scooters to get the kids pizza.  

Then we scooted along the boardwalk.

That night I watched the Indian movie RRR.  It was amazing!


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