Monday, August 22, 2022

And She's Back

It's Monday night and it's pouring outside!  It hasn't rained like this in months.  Eli won't go to sleep.  He's scared.  There's some thunder and lightning too.  I had to pick up Ariel at cheer.  The roads were flooded.  We need rain but not this much.  So last Sunday, we got Ariel back!  Amy and I got up early and left the twins with Melissa and Mark and Margot.  
Eli and Mickey wanted to come.  
We drove an hour to Cherry Hill.  The bags were there.  
We loaded up the car.  

Camp posted pics of the last morning.  We saw these while were were waiting for the bus.  
So sweet.  

And they're off!
Here comes the bus!
Ariel was one of the first off.  She ran to Amy.  

Then I got my hugs.  That was a long 7 weeks.  I was so happy to have her back.  
She got in a few last hugs and then we headed back to Margate.  
While we were gone, the kids played golf.  

And we're back!  Honey got the first hugs and kisses.  

Ariel got to meet Huggy Wuggy.  

She missed her cousins.  
Then over to see Bev and the grand parents.  

The first place she wanted to go was Wawa!

Even Aden got in some cuddles.  

We were complete again!
Then it was pool time.  

That night we barbecued.  

Ariel lead the kids in yoga.

Big game of Uno.

Dave and Julia came with the girls and we went to the Dairy Bar.  
Now that's a big cookie sandwich.  

There was a magician there.

The Six of Us.

We saw the neighbors before bed.  

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