Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Last Tuesday was a big day for color war.  The boys were all ready to go.  
All the boys.  
Because Aden was a general, Amy and I were able to go.  
Aden in important meetings with the other generals.  

Here they all are.  

We were there for the Steeplechase.  It's a big race through the camp with every bunk involved.  The generals started off the race.  
We were told to stay at the top of the camp but as soon as they ran off Amy ran after them.  You can see her in the gold shirt.  I then followed her.  
We got to see the twins bunk do their part.

Then Aden had another part in the pool.  

After Aden swam, he had to put on his clothes.  

When all the bunks were done, the generals had a few more challenges.  

The whole camp was watching.  

Brown team won.  Oh well.  

Aden was nervous about the whole day but I think he had fun.  
Ariel pics from her color war.  

On Wednesday, Aden and the CIT's went rafting on the Delaware River.  

That night, I got to see the new and improved fort in the basement.  
Wait till I show you the inside of this thing.  
Another color war pic.  


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