Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ringing the Bell Twice

It's Tuesday night.  Today was super hot but big thunderstorms came through it's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow.  Amy and I did double duty at back to school night tonight.  I took Noah's class.  She took Eli's.  More on that later.  Back to last Monday.  I told you I had a leak in my tire and barely made it home Sunday night.  In the morning, the tire was totally flat.  Tesla had it towed to the Princeton dealer.  
I had to wait a few hours.  
So I went out and got yummy barbecue.  
Eli brought his lego home from the shore to work on.  It was a team effort.  

Ariel had indoor cheer practice.  

It started pouring.  She showed me how she would be running to the car.  
But first some flips.  

And dancing.  

Last Tuesday, Ariel was back at Airborne for private with Coach Serina.  We haven't seen Serina all summer.  
Ariel was almost too excited and Serina had to calm her down.  
She was successful though.  She got to ring the bell twice!

Later that night, I played some roller hockey.  

We played like 2 hours.  I was sore for a week after!
Even Ariel got out there!
Amy brought everyone else to the playground next door.  

Crazy sky.  
A nice way to end a warm, fun evening.  


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