Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sugar Factory

It's Sunday night.  The first day of school is tomorrow!  That came fast.  So hard to believe.  We had a quiet weekend at the shore but came back early to get the kids ready.  

Last Saturday, Melissa and I went for a 2 1/2 mile run and we didn't stop!  She can't stop or she can't get started again. It's fun to run with someone.  I'm usually by myself.  
We took the kids to the Margate water park.  
We didn't last long.  
They jumped on the trampoline.  

But everything else was too hard and the kids kept falling in the bay.  The twins do not want to fall in the bay.  

Mark made a big jump.

 It was kind of a waste of money.  
Then we all went to the Hard Rock Casino for lunch.  

It was nice to be back.
The Sugar Factory!
We looked outside while we waited for our table.  More rides for the kids!
The drinks and sweets were amazing there.  

This non alcoholic drink was like $42!

Look at this milkshake!

Of course Ariel took it from me.  
We should have expected this.  

The boys wore gloves.  Cute.  

Saturday to be continued.  


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