Monday, May 29, 2023

Art Show

It's Monday night.  Memorial Day.  We are back from a long weekend at the Shore.  I didn't do a post for today, so you get a double post for Tuesday!

A week ago Saturday, it was rainy and Noah had soccer.  
I was surprised at how well Noah did considering the conditions. 

The team had a great game.  

Then we went to Aden's high school for the district art show.  
We go every year as we always have at least 1 kid with art on display.  This year, we had two.  

Noah's turtle.  
We saw a bunch of people we knew.  
Ariel's strawberry.  
We ran into Adam and Kasia. 

Liana and Aden were twins.  
The twins were a bit nuts so we separated them and had them paint.  

Eli then helped me with the castle.  
Ariel needed to make brownies for hebrew school the next day.  
Last Sunday was the last day of Hebrew School.  They had the parents come for the final service.  

It was actually a pretty nice time.  The kids like to sing.  
Then we had Ari's party next door.  Cool car that Ariel and Harper are modeling.  
It was a swim party.  The twins jumped right in and had so much fun.  

Ari asked me to jump with him in the bounce house.  
Cake time.  

Spiderman came to save the day!
Eli stayed away but Noah talked to him.  

Harper did the impossible.  She taught Ariel to ride a bike!
We had been trying to years but she had been too scared.  
She got going fast!


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