Thursday, May 11, 2023

Cinco de Mayo

It's Thursday night.  We went to our second carnival in a week tonight and had fun.

Last Friday, the kids took their scooters to school.  
Field Trip Day!  They went to Honey Hollow, whatever that is.          

There were lots of critters.  Eli stayed nice and far away.  

Run Noah!

They had a great time.  
It was Cinco de Mayo so of course I had to cook ridiculously complicated tacos.  I smoked a steak and a broth.  
Then I started pork belly burnt ends.  Once the steak had a nice bark, I placed it in the broth.  
This is done.  
Then shredded.
These were the best burnt ends I ever made.  
Mark and Melissa came over.  Mark got right to work on the tequila.
The kids had fun.  
Eli read everyone his book.  
The tacos were done!  They were pretty yummy.  
We took Honey for a walk.  
And saw a rainbow!
That night, Joel Embiid had his league MVP ceremony then the Sixers went on to win!
Mark likes to put Aden in his place.  
Have a great weekend!


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