Monday, May 1, 2023

Cheer Finals in Trenton

It's Monday night and somehow the Sixers just beat the Celtics in Boston without Joel Embiid to take the first game of the second round.  Last Sunday, Ariel had a cheer competition in Trenton.   The last practice they had really went well.  The coach wrote this:
We arrived around 1 for hair.  
There was some judging going on.  
TikToks early and often.  
Then it was hair time.  

Looking good Ariel!
Lebron James played here when he was in high school!
There's our flyer ready to go!

Aunt Bev made a great sign.

The coaches came to get the girls.  
Little Stevie helped out.  

So cute.  

I went to meet our rooting section.  
This was the team during warmups. 
Remember when Ariel lost her shoe and kept performing in Reading?  That story is kind of legendary already but another girl tried to upstage her!  Look at the front of the stage.  A girl's wig came loose as she was tumbling.  She ripped it off her head and threw it aside!  That's kind of cooler than the shoe!
Here they go!

They did great.  
Such a sweet pic of Serina giving support to Ariel.  
We had 2 hours till judging.  We did some shopping and eating.  
Waiting with the moms for judging.  

We came in 6th out of 6th.  
It was a challenging season but Ariel learned a lot and is a much stronger cheerleader now.  Can't wait till next year!


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