Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Sunset from the Drone

I can't wait for basketball to be over already.  Aden has taken over my tv.  Does anyone really care about Denver or Miami?  Anyway, back to last Monday.  The twins are always up way too early and play on their iPads for a bit.  
Here's a shot form school.  
After school, I took Ariel to try on her Indian's uniform for the Fall and it's not even Summer yet!  What if she grows at camp?  
She saw Sophia.  
Eli driving Heather on the Cyberquad.  
The neighbor boy was over.  
The boys had fun.  
Rachel came to work with Ariel.  
It's nice they can do it outside.  

Working on those tucks.  

Fly Noah!

Last Tuesday, Eli was working on Magnatiles early.  
After school we cuddled on the deck.  
Aden met some boys to play basketball.  

Ariel still doesn't ride a bike at 11.  We have tried for years but she was always too scared.  I got her bike cleaned up and we tried again.  She did pretty well but gave up quickly.
Aden had a tennis lesson.  
Noah and I had guitar and piano.
Then it was time to play outside.

The boys wanted to take out the drone.  These pics are all from the drone.  

Such a pretty sunset!
Ariel helped me work on Cinderella's Castle.  


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