Monday, May 8, 2023

Monster Golf

Last Sunday, we went on an adventure.  We drove to Cherry Hill to Monster Golf.  We used to have one 5 minutes away.  Now we have to go 45 minutes but it was rainy and the twins needed to play golf!  
Ariel brought Tessa.  They played all the games.  

Amy and Aden played golf with the twins.  

Noah takes mini golf very seriously.  
It was a pretty intense match.  

Aden kept asking why he was there.  
Then we went to the Cherry Hill Mall

The girls ran off with my card and did some damage!
Lego store.  Look at Eli's reaction.  

So much to see.
Aden wanted the Eiffel Tower.  Only $630.  Lol.  
A snack outside the Apple Store.  
Speaking of the Apple Store.  

Then we had dinner at Maggianos.  I had a huge pork shank.  

Home to work on my Lego project.  


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