Monday, May 15, 2023

Ocean City Evening

It's Monday morning.  Couldn't do the post last night because we got in at 12:30 from the Taylor Swift concert.  More on that later.  

Last Saturday, Noah had soccer.  

These are nice mornings although we would rather be sleeping in.  

The coach is very motherly.  
Donut time!
Then the twins had Jordan's birthday party at Altitude.  
They hadn't been there in a while.  
Jump boys!

Things got a little heated at dodgeball.  
Happy Birthday Jordan!
Then I drove with Ariel, Tessa and Eli to the shore.  First stop, Ocean City!

Hard to tell but it was actually really busy.  It was also a beautiful night.  

Ariel was freaked out by the falcons they keep around to scare off the seagulls.  

The rebuilding at Castaway Cove is taking forever.  

Had some yummy chicken.  
The kids spent most of the tickets I had bought for the season in one night!

They were filming a movie there.  That was kind of cool.  

Eli did the swings several times.  
The girls did some crazy rides.  
Eli was even willing to try new rides.  

Eli doesn't like Mack and Mancos pizza.  I have failed as a parent.  

The girls knew better.  

Now that hits the spot.  
We got some candy then headed to the house.  


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