Thursday, May 4, 2023

Carnival Time

Last Thursday, Ariel had cheer.  She likes to discuss strategy with Serina.  
Even Coach Steve was helping out.  
Help set up Ariel.  
Still workin on the tucks.  
That night, Heather and I took the twins to the Washington Crossing Carnival.  
It was crowded and much bigger than we pictured.  
The boys were excited.  
They played some games.  

They like this thing in Ocean City.  
Small drop towers are perfect.  Eli did this several times.  

Mini roller coaster.  

Had to get a funnel cake.  
Some sliding.  

Some more games.  
Last Friday, I was the secret reader in Eli's class.  The kids were cute and loved the book I brought.  
I stayed after for science.  

Noah's gifted news.  
It was a quiet Friday night.  
Emma slept over.  
I worked on the Mark Rober box with the boys.  It's like a little movie theater.  Have a great weekend!


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