Monday, May 22, 2023

Taylor Swift

Last Sunday was pretty exciting.  First, it was Mother's Day.  We had brunch at Mark and Melissa's.  

What a spread!  I brought candied smoked bacon and waffles.  

It was a beautiful day.  
All Ariel could think about what was coming that afternoon.  

More cuddles.  
The beautiful moms.  
Here we go!  I drove with Amy and Ariel to Lincoln Financial Field to see Taylor Swift!  It had been a crazy few weeks with everyone trying to get tickets.  The resale was in the thousands.  We had 2 tickets.  I was hoping to grab one for myself but if I wasn't able to, I knew people who were going to be listening to the concert from the parking lot.  
Such a scene.  Everyone was really dressed up.
Here's the main parking lot tailgating.  
We found Julia and her girls.  
We had fun hanging.  
Pure excitement.  
I couldn't get a ticket, so they said goodbye and headed in.  

Amy sent a few picks from inside.  
They made it to the box.  
What a view!

Such a sweet photo!
We moved closer to the stadium with 20,000 of our closest friends.  
Julia and Juliet took a rest.  
It was actually such a fun experience.  Everyone was so nice and friendly.  You could hear Taylor singing very clearly.  Everyone sang along!

We watched the concert on Tiktok.  Many people were broadcasting it.  
Amy and Ariel's view as it got dark.  
I ran into more friends!
Fireworks to end the show.  
Ariel couldn't even speak afterwards.  They had the best time.  


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