Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Ice Cream Social

It's Wednesday night.  I think that bike must be glued to Ariel.  I think she might sleep with it tonight.  

Last Wednesday, Eli tried to fly his kite.  
Then we headed to tennis.  
Eli plays pretty well but he's not a big fan of picking up the balls.  
Then we went to Southampton Summer Day Camp for an ice cream social.  

There was a huge turnout.  
Eli seemed a bit confused.  Could he really have forgotten this place?
We wandered around a bit.  

I found Aden's plaque.  
Eli wanted a new backpack.  
Last Thursday, Ariel had cheer.  
She had a tough practice.  She fell a few days before doing a back handspring and was scared to do anything.  

Stretching is good.  
Ariel had a haircut.  
She wanted to braided for field day.

A quiet night.  
I smoed up some wings for dinner.  
I will leave you with a pic of Honey!


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