Sunday, November 19, 2023

Ariel's Camp Friends

It's Sunday night.  We have a crazy week coming up.  2 half days then the kids are off Weds through Fri.  Amy and I are hosting Thanksgiving.  I have to find a fresh turkey!

Last Saturday, Ariel and Royce were slow to get up.  
We got some goodies at Wawa.  Royce had never been to a Wawa before!  She loved it!
Royce and I watched Ariel's cheer practice.  

Then I took the girls and the twins to the Willow Grove Mall to do some shopping.  
There was a brand new arcade/bowling alley/mini golf/bumper car place!  So cool!
Eli wanted to win Princess Peach for Amy.  
Mini golf looked cool.  

They had real bowling but the boys wanted to do this one.  
The girls had fun.  

Then we headed back to the car.  
Cinnabon first.  

We went home and were soon joined by Harper, Emily and Cece from camp.  
The bunk is back together!

Harper had to try the Big Red Boots.  

Aden was dressed up for the school dance!
We chilled at home for a bit.  

Then Aden, Ben and Winston headed off to the dance!  We were so happy Aden decided to go.  
We then took the girls to Mt Fuji for hibachi.  They started with these weird drinks.  
So cute!
Eli would not have liked this part!
Catch the cucumber!

It was a great dinner!
Then we headed home for cake.  
I got it from Buddy the Cake Boss!
Happy Birthday (almost) Ariel!

We went next door to have some drinks with Joe for his 50th.  Aden came back from the dance while we were there.  I think he had a good time!  We had a great time drinking and talking to well past 1.  
We got back and the girls were still up and they made a mess! I think they were up until 3!


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