Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Getting Ready for Halloween

It's Wednesday night.  Ariel just got home from her first practice with her new team at Airborne.  She said it went pretty well.  She almost didn't make it because I got a flat tire on the way!  My second flat tire in as many weeks!

Last Wednesday, I started my workout as a Hall of Fame Rockstar...
And finished as a Hall of Fame Superstar!  That means another 12 months of not missing a training session!
Eli went swinging.  

Then he checked out Victoria's decorations.  

Aden likes to wrestle with the twins.  

Nice big brother for once.
Eli worked on Halloween decorations.  

Spooky ghost on the house.  
Last Thursday, Eli and Noah organized all the Mark Rober science boxes.  
Ariel had her private.  

Doing some work before bed.  


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